NaviATC UTM Platform


A Plug & Play Platform
Deployable to Any Region

We partner with UAV operators, UAV Manufacutrers, Hardware and Software services providers and regulators to create sandbox environments.

UAV operators can test & validate their operations.


UAV manufactures, Hardware and Software service providers can certify and declare airworthiness.


The regulators can verify procedures & apply effective regulations to govern their airspace.

Value Addition

Declare Air Worthiness

Through the rigorous testing, data aggregations and analysis of the platform, we certify you with a safety certificate according to the guidelines of operators.

Localised Regulations

Depending on your requirements, nature of operation and application, the regulations are catered, tested and certified.

Digital Documentation

No more paper-based submissions, no more multiple confusing documents and mix-up in your submissions, no more uncertainty. We polish up your submission with digital documents and e-signatures.

Fast-track Mission Approvals

We gear you up to adopt drones at scale. Your pre-certified operations will cut down the time to approval of your next flight by 95%.


Let’s get your region it’s UTM