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How do UTM works?

UTM refers to how airspace is controlled to allow numerous vehicle operations beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) in areas where air traffic services are unavailable.

With UTM, vehicle operators will be able to work together to identify and transmit real-time airspace status.

  • 1 : Flight authorization and certification

The first function of UTM management will be to authorize flight plans and personnel. It would comprise certifying and monitoring participating air vehicles, as well as pilot credentials and permissions, allowing for more efficient administration. It guarantees that only pilots with the necessary qualifications and vehicles are allowed to fly in the airspace, preventing damage and danger to third parties. If at all practicable, the management should be able to advise pilots on other flight schedules or routes.

2. Permanent communication

One of the key objectives of the UTM should be to build an appropriate communication system both internally and externally throughout the air system. The most modern technological tools must support communication for air management. Internally, the aircraft must retain connection with the relevant management operator, either directly from the pilot to the aircraft operator or discreetly from the aircraft system to the UTM system. Externally, it is vital for law enforcement, rescue teams, and people to be informed of some abnormalities, such as transgressions or threats to a specific community, in real-time. The UTM manager will be able to geo-reference a region, effectively creating a virtual fence to prohibit overflight and alerting a prospective diversion or landing.

3. Emergency management

Due to the adaptability of these aerial vehicles, they may assist authorities in catastrophes and crises by moving victims, rescuing victims, mobilizing medications and medical supplies, and in certain situations, acting as a form of the air ambulance.


NaviATC is a drone air traffic management solution which is utilised to create a controlled airpspace in a region, enabling drone operation at a scale to the masses.


Create a controlled airpspace in a region, enabling drone operation at a scale to the masses.

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