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All Things You Need To Know About UTM?

UAS traffic management has several subsystems that function collectively to provide an end-to-end service to end-users. The system will be associated with different data providers to gather real-time information on weather, airspace traffic, drone registration, and credentials of drone operators, among others.

UTM service caters to the needs of traffic management of drones in low altitude airspace. Below mentioned are the extended uses,

  • 1 : Registration and Identification
  • 2 : Flight Planning and Approval
  • 3 : Tracking and Surveillance
  • 4 : Airspace Management

Registration And Identification Services
Registration and Identification service of UTM System allows pilots, operators, and drone owners to register and uniquely identify the drone and operator across the flow of operations. It also provides traceability for regulatory and legal agreements.

Flight Planning And Approval Service
A flight plan is an “area of airspace” in which a drone operator plans to operate. Depending on the country airspace laws, restrictions, controlled airspaces, special-use airspaces, eco-sensitive zones, etc.
A UTM “Flight Planning” service may offer comprehensive airspace and restrictions context-based rich graphical user interfaces. Operators create a “flight plan” that can be compliant with the country’s regulations and rules.
A UTM flight plan approval service enables the user to obtain approvals electronically from the concerned agency.
Flight Planning and Approval Service of a UTM is intelligent and feature-rich. Operators can focus on their tasks and be compliant with regulations with minimal effort. This process ensures all flights are legal and no rogue drones.

Tracking And Surveillance Service
Traffic and Surveillance service of a UTM will enable identification and remote tracking of drone, its flight plan progress, along with other airspace traffic situational awareness. Tracking service is the core component of any UTM system. This Tracking service allows users to visualize their planned Flight Plan with their actual track, note deviations, stay compliant while in-flight.
UTM Tracking Service can also track and report telemetry, drone health status and live video feed to an operator. The UTM Surveillance service provides topography (terrain and building elevation awareness in 2D and 3D formats) for better situational awareness, population, and live road traffic, or a few others.

Airspace Management Service
Airspace Management Service allows the regulatory and airspace management stakeholders to ensure safe, secure, and efficient use of low altitude airspace. It manages real-time status and applies country-specific airspace regulations.
Through this service, low altitude airspace in-flight operations can be controlled in real-time and adjusted according to the dynamic rulesets or scenarios that may arise on the fly.
For example, adjusting an in-flight drone operation approved flight plan due to an emergency medical evacuation helicopter or a fire accident response team in promoting conflicting the drone operation area that is already in-flight, all happening in real-time. A centralized or coordinated airspace management service can offer valuable insights into airspace utilization, demand and capacity evaluation, and infrastructure planning.


NaviATC is a drone air traffic management solution which is utilised to create a controlled airpspace in a region, enabling drone operation at a scale to the masses.


Create a controlled airpspace in a region, enabling drone operation at a scale to the masses.

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